Anjali Residence

Situated in an upcoming new suburb of Kuala Lumpuer, Anjali Residence is a Penthouse Project that boasts three levels and a swimming pool. With double-storey void ceilings to 5-meter feature walls, Stephanie Ng Design was briefed was briefed to complement this stunning residence with breath-taking art installations that created a "wow" factor for all visiting friends and elevate the ambience of the architectural interiors.


The first installation comprises hundreds of delicately coloured glass pieces that give the impression of weightless autumnal leaves that seamlessly float in mid-air captured by a gentle breeze. The concept of gentle falling leaves creates a comforting sense of warmth in the earthly colour reflections that the season of Autumn brings.
With its clean white lines coupled with feature art installations and a fine art collection, this residence boasts style, taste and luxury living at its finest.  
Another grand art installation by Stephanie Ng Design™ comprises a 5-meter feature wall suspended adjacent to the stairway leading to the Karaoke room. Hundreds of suspended glass spheres form the feature wall and illuminated from the ceiling and floor capture the reflections and highlights of the coloured bubble spheres. A separate colour was selected to represent each member of the Anjali family and to form the overall multi-coloured feature wall effect.