Lenny's Hope is a representation of Love and Colours, a creation between Lighting Designer and Artist, Stephanie Ng and David Lee. Using State-of-the-Art Technology 3D Printing, it is born from the symbolic meaning to Love More; the Rhinoceros represents mindfulness, self- awareness and the act of doing good.


In this Light Art Installation, a display of interchangeable, multi- coloured LED lights is used to evoke emotions synonymous with the need to adapt to the volatile, ever- changing environment in order to survive. The irregular Landscape stems from the natural terrain of its habitat - surrounded by trees embodying Hopes and Dreams; defined by Floating Balloons wrapped in soft knitted sleeves whilst his body drips in Illuminative Green paint – demarcating the bleeding of Nature that symbolises Growth and Harmony in a final attempt to stave off its impending extinction.


The Creators use layers of camouflage to signify body armour, its tough exterior being its primary, natural defence against threats. The leather- handcrafted pink harness manifests an added layer of man-made, synthetic protection much like a bulletproof vest wrapped in Pink - the colour of universal love; thus reinforcing a simple message to humanity:

Be Gentle, Be Kind, Love More.