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This Collection of Designer LED lighting is CE listed with IP Rating. These ratings are used to define levels of sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against intrusion from foreign bodies (tools, dirt, etc) and moisture.

Product Details

Code: LWA138
Finish: Painting
Size: DIA350 mm
Color: Black
Reflector Color: White
Material: Aluminum
Reflector Material: Steel
Lamp Source: Built-in LED
Bulb: LED 6W
Light Source: 3000k Warm White
Beam Angle: Wide flood beam – 60 degree
Dimmable: No
Lead Time: 6 Weeks


Additional Information

Installation Positions: Wall Surface Mount
Electrical Isolation Classes: Class I – earth connected
Certification: CE listed
Rating: IP20 – Protected against solid objects > DIA 12mm with no resistance to any liquids
Extra Info:
1. Fixture can be installed on a flammable surface
2. Reflector installed separately
3. Reflector angle adjustable