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Brighten up your space with a Collection of functional designer downlights. A cost-effective and energy-efficient way to add light to your space; downlights are a popular choice for offices, retail spaces and households for general illumination.

Product Details

Code: LDC858C | LDC859C | LDC860C | LDC861C | LDC862C | LDC863C 
Finish: Painted
Lamp Size: DIA85mm x H52mm (Cut-off 75mm)
Lamp Color: White
Lamp Material: Aluminum
Lamp Source: Built-in LED
Light Source: 3000K Warm White
Bulb: SMD 3W |SMD 4W | SMD 6W | SMD 10W | SMD 16W  | SMD 20W
Beam Cover: Acrylic cover
Dimmable: No
Lead Time: 4 Weeks

Additional Information

Installation Positions: Ceiling Recessed Mount
Electrical Isolation Classes: Lamp working in Low Voltage
Certification: CE listed
Rating: IP20 – Protected against solid objects > DIA12mm with no resistance to any liquids
Extra Info: Fixture can be installed on a flammable surface