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Your Home tells the story of who you are, and is a Collection of things you love.

We Aspire to Inspire

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Experience-Inspired Design

We celebrate life’s experiences that inspire us, the moments that shape and define us.  Our homegrown label unites a global community who strives for individuality and uniqueness.

Stephanie Ng Design™ is creating works of art to bring together dreamers and aspirational designers. Through experience-inspired design, we curate style and exclusive living to unite a community with a passion for authentic experiences, global design and innovative functionality.

Unique and united. Well-lived and well-loved.

That’s a design-inspired experience.


They are gorgeous, splendid, marvelous, there is no word good enough for your design.


Annette Cevey, Switzerland

My first home; a four year project. I wanted your Scoop Pendants and not another one,

after seeing them on Pinterest.😊

Celine Mortillaro, France

Stephanie Ng Design's passion for designing quality pendants was evident throughout the process of every project. We are impressed with her knowledge and creative input from design stage to finished product. It is a pleasure working with them.

Pivot Asia Interior Design, Malaysia

Challenging the boundaries of conventional lighting designs (Art vs Light), we have a "one-of-a-kind" lighting chandelier design because the team designs the chandelier according to the customers' taste whilst allowing the artistry flow.

Ginnie Len, Malaysia

I love the whimsicality, Stephanie Ng Design incorporates into lighting and also their furniture!

Alia Gaffney, United States of America

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Specify our Products in your projects. Our exclusive membership program extends its welcome to all creative like-minded industry professionals who embody the spirit of Stephanie Ng Design. As an exclusive free program, with admission to industry partners only, with benefits including access to wholesale pricing when bulk ordering. If you feel your organisation would make a good fit for our programme, don’t delay, submit your application today!