About Us

Our Vision

We celebrate the experiences that make life worth living, the moments that shape and define us. Our homegrown label brings together a global community of people who seek out a lifestyle inspired by authentic experiences. Away from the glitz and glamour of entrenched labels, our newcomer enthusiasm and distinct riffs on East-meets-West cultural dynamism translates to designs in Lighting, Furniture and Homewares that are aspirational and unexpected.

Stephanie Ng Design™ is creating works of art to bring together dreamers and the inspirationally-inclined. Through experience-inspired design, we curate style and exclusive living to unite a community with a passion for authentic experiences, global design and innovative functionality.

Unique and united. Well-lived and well-loved.

That’s a design-inspired experience.

Studio (bespoke / project centric)

Stephanie Ng Design™ is a multi-award winning design studio located in Kuala Lumpur. We offer a range of lighting solutions for residential and commercial applications, as well as bespoke services in home decoration and design, lighting and furniture.

Stephanie uses combinations of colours, textures, forms and loves to transform unique materials to make the ordinary special, while retaining an underlying signature of cultural elements. She is dedicated to making products that retain their functional edge and work harmoniously in relation to a space or system.  She believes that good design should have cohesive synergy with its surroundings rather than just as a standalone inanimate object. 

Stephanie emphasises on adding emotion into her design, in creating products that connect with people and can be customised to individual tastes. She incorporates love and attention to detail into her work and as seen in the Luna Lana range, her signature is personal and artisanal, as opposed to having a mass-manufactured feel to finished products. She is committed to producing unique designs with a cultural twist and a design aesthetic that lasts and endures. 

Designer's Statement

"I believe in creating unique designs from the heart that make a connection with people and also form a synergy with their surroundings. I love to create a twist on the use of unique materials, to create modern designs with a touch of contemporary infused with accents of culture and heritage.”