Nando's Restaurant

Nando's is a South African restaurant chain that specializes in Portuguese food. We were first involved with fitting out Nando's Australia, Malaysia, Singapore then one outlet in USA. Not only an amazing dining experience with each outlet different from one another, but the journey of creating feature installations through artisanal lighting has also enabled Stephanie Ng Design™ to explore their creative freedom through hand-crafted processes using authentic materials, such as paper rope, hessian string, yarn and color dying and glass blowing.



Nando's restaurants, located in 24 countries, showcase a selection of the pieces, from furniture and light fittings to paintings and mosaics and we are so proud to have contributed to creating unique spaces for restaurant customers, which in turn is believed to appreciate in value over time.




As Michael Spinks, Nando's property and development director describes, "We design every single Nando's from scratch every single time. It's to create an experience. It's to create soul. It's not to mass-produce." We completely agree and with every outlet,  comes an opportunity for the designers at Stephanie Ng Design™ to push boundaries of materials to form unexpected works of art, usually handcrafted in our studio itself.